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Mind the gap: French law to up pressure for equal pay

Latest update : 2018-03-08

By François PICARD

For every euro a man makes in Europe, a woman makes 84 cents. In the half-century since women entered the workforce, the gap has narrowed but not enough. Ahead of International Women's Day, France's junior minister for gender equality is unveiling a new bill to force companies to disclose and redress the imbalance. They would have three years to comply or else face fines. Should salaries be openly displayed in the name of transparency? Could quotas of women in management help solve the problem?

Produced by Daniel BARNEY, Tatiana REITER, and Van MEGUERDITCHIAN.

Our guests

Chiara CONDI

President and Founder, Led by Her


Policy Analyst, Cato Institute

Natacha HENRY

Author and Journalist


President, E-MMA Association France