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Dispute grows over France's piracy law

Latest update : 13/03/2009

Article text by FRANCE24

In this edition: in France an online dispute grows over a bill aiming to control the downloading of cultural works on the net and, in Nothern Ireland, the blogosphere reacts to the renewal of violence.


In France, a dispute grows over the bill 'Creation and Internet', which aims to control the downloading of cultural works on the net. The bill is under consideration in the National Assembly, and provoking a protest from net users.

The main grievance: disproportionate penalties for offences committed, such as suspension of an internet connection. The user group 'Quadrature du Net' has called for a "blackout" on the net.


An action inspired by net users in New Zealand who recently managed to prevent their government from applying similar measures, following their complaints.


A parody site was also created. “I like” makes reference to the site “I love the artists” that is supported by the government. It offers questions and answers and also videos, with a list of associations or members of parliament who reject the bill.


Another notable initiative on the net came from the consumer protection association UFC “Que Choisir”. The site " ça va couper " shows a crazy policeman who delivers a reprisal step by step, punishing net users who download.





Two British soldiers and a policeman were murdered in Ulster over the last few days. Net users react to this renewal of violence.


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown firmly condemned the attacks in this video available on the net, adding that these types of terrorist acts would not derail the peace process in the region.


Appeals for witnesses to identify those responsible for these murders multiplied over recent days on the net. In this interview, a policeman explains that people have to help the authorities find the culprits.


This American blogger is delighted at the unanimous condemnation by the Irish political parties, stating it is an obnoxious act. He also says that, as these attacks are by dissident factions of the IRA, peace should not be threatened.

The environmental lobby group Alliance for Climate Protection, created by former American vice-president Al Gore, is backing the creation of an internet .eco domain that would be reserved for sites supporting protection of the planet. Revenue gained from registrations will go towards research on climate change.

Sharing your medical information with friends or your doctor is now possible for users of Google Health, a service launched in May 2008 by the American company. Another novelty is the printing of a card that lists basic information such as allergies or blood group.